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Savour the smooth, soothing aroma and flavour of pure, organic and genuine vintage tea from the Vintage Tea Company.

Vintage Tea Company is a premium online retailer of the best Chinese tea, including green tea, white tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, black tea, and pu erh tea.  While Chinese tea has a long and illustrious history, most of the mass produced teas available on the market today ignore the subtleties associated with correct tea cultivation, processing, and brewing.  At Vintage Tea Company, we bring the serious tea drinker only the highest quality teas from small estates which utilize traditional and organic processing methods mastered over time.  This kind of authentic tea is called vintage tea and we believe it is the best tea on the market. 

Discover Our Finest Range of Organic Tea

We only sell organic tea, meaning that they are cultivated using biodynamic farming methods without the aid of any pesticides or synthetic chemicals.  In addition, our Chinese teas are grown in the most pristine areas.  This makes our tea some of the best tea on the market.  However, the value of our tea does not simply lie in the use of organic tea leaves from the most pristine areas.  In fact, all our teas are produced by the most skilled tea masters utilizing traditional methods developed over the centuries.  Our vintage teas are of such a high grade that they are generally sold to Chinese elites prior to reaching the Western retail market.

We Offer a Variety of Chinese Tea to Delight Your Soul and Senses

We invite you to try our selection of Chinese teas, which are some of the best teas on the market.  Our selection of premium quality organic tea make us one of the best, if not outright best, tea retailers you will find online. Our tea offer more than just a drink, they offer an experience. When you want to experience tea at its very best, we recommend you try our many tea variants. We are confident that you will not be disappointed and that our vintage teas will bring delight to both your soul and senses.

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